Saturday, December 10, 2016

Here is how you can use VocabAhead in your classroom for teaching Elementary and SAT Vocabulary words.


1. Create Your Personalized Lists
You can create your personalized lists with words of your choice, meeting the academic level of your students. Here is how!

2. Share Your Lists with Your Students
Here is how you can share your personalized word lists with your students and other users.

3. Embed a Customized Widget in Your Blog or Webpage
You can create a customized widget for your blog or classroom webpage. To learn more Click here.

4. Engage Your Students in the Vocabulary Building Process
You can make vocabulary building fun by assigning vocabulary video projects to your students and uploading their work to our website. Learn More!



VocabAhead Widget

 You are welcome to embed the following VocabAhead widget in your blog or website!



Embed Code

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