About Us

VocabAhead was created because we feel that the English language deserves more love than it gets! 

Our team includes writers, teachers, authors, editors, and other language lovers – each with a passion for the weird and wonderful words, rules, and development of English.

The English language changes at an amazing pace. Five years ago, “doomscrolling” would have meant nothing (no matter how much time you spend on Instagram!) – and 15 years ago, no one would have had a clue what you meant if you’d read “a tweet”. 

Although these are modern examples, the same kinds of changes have been happening for over 1,000 years. There was a time when there was no English word for banana – but, as the world becomes a more connected place, the language changes and adapts.

We all know someone who likes to look smart by correcting the way we use words – but these people don’t realize that the language doesn’t care what they think! The way we use words changes. Today, when someone says they “literally died” – we know it doesn’t mean they’re dead – instead, it means they’re embarrassed.

These kinds of changes are referred to as ‘semantic shifts’ – and they’ve been happening since English was first spoken. You might not realize it, but language is a real reflection of changes in society too. It’s very rarely people in power or positions of authority who play with language. Instead, it’s the most forward-thinking people in society – artists, musicians, minority groups, and young people.

At VocabAhead, we’re celebrating the innovators and we’re celebrating the twists and turns that the English language has taken to get us to where we are right now.

Some of those changes happened when Shakespeare sat down with his notepad – but others have come from rap music and social media use. They all count – and they’re all important milestones in the development of the most commonly used language on the face of the Earth!

Explore our blog and join us in our celebration of English and fantastic words!