Vocabahead.com Blog

At Vocabahead, we don’t just want to teach you new words – we aim to explain where
incredible words came from, how language changes, and what makes some words especially tricky!

English was originally spoken between the mid-5 th and 7 th centuries AD when Anglo-Saxon
migrants travelled to the British Isles. Since then, the language has constantly changed and
developed as it has spread around the world and as other cultures have settled in what’s
now the UK. In our blog, you’ll find very new words, very old words, and some that have
changed over time. You’ll also find some unexpected facts about words that will change the

way you look at language.

Perhaps you’re looking to expand your vocabulary. Maybe you’re keen to understand why
and how languages change. Either way, when you explore our blogs, you’ll pack your brain
full of weird and wonderful word facts. You’ll find some topics you expect, like Shakespeare
and Latin – and some that you won’t, like how Xerox machines changed our language and how denim jeans got their name!